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The Duke of Norfolk launches on Western Road
Previously known as Polar West, this cool bar now has a completely new look. A very relaxing atmosphere lends itself well to chilling out and surfing the web.
20 : 10 : 05
Lighting up the Tavern
This cosy little pub is great for popping in and picking up your email. Free Wi-Fi also covers the function room upstairs which can be booked out. Contact Colin for more details.
20 : 9 : 05
Three Jolly Butchers goes live
Matt, the very easy-going manager of 3JB, or The Three Jolly Butchers as it was previously known, is happy for his pub to be used for meetings during the day. Food refreshments best ordered in advance.
6 : 9 : 05
Back by popular demand
Matt, the very easy-going manager of 3JB, or The Three Jolly Butchers as it was previously known, is happy for his pub to be used for meetings during the day. Food refreshments best ordered in advance.
4 : 9 : 05
Global Phenomenon
The Globe has benefited from a very stylish refurbishment. Great atmosphere, great food, great Wi-Fi.
1 : 9 : 05
We've been wanting to put a hotspot here for ages.
Now the Hampton Arms joins the list. Great bar, comfortable sun terrace, free Wi-Fi throughout.
12 : 8 : 05
Broadcasting from The Famous Spiegeltent at this year's Brighton Festival
The SpiegelMaestro and his nomadic crew are back at the Brighton Festival once again. JuiceFM are using the Brighton Metranet WiMAX backbone through a Loose Connection Wi-Fi hotspot which covers The Famous Spiegeltent, the Brighton Festival club, to broadcast specific shows this year and have found the infrastructure to provide a higher quality audio stream than previous systems they have used. Watch this space for further doses of Spiegelism!
11 : 5 : 05
The Ancient Mariner goes wireless in Poet's Corner
The Ancient Mariner on the Junction of Coleridge Street and Rutland Road, Poet's Corner in deepest Hove is the latest pub to become part of the Loose Connection free Wi-Fi project. Set in a residential area it is spacious and airy, perfect for a good dose of Wi-Fi with your coffee!
1 : 5 : 05
Launch of the Brighton Metranet, the UK's first WiMAX network
The formal announcement of the Brighton Metranet, or "metropolitan intranet", follows the test phase of the system which began in November last year. That date marks the beginning of the UKís first pre-WiMAX fully operational network. It is the result of 2 years' research and development into pre-WiMAX technologies by the founders of Loose Connection working closely with key technologists in Brighton & Hove City Council and The University of Sussex. As a result of this work, thousands of students now have access to the internet via the JANET backbone and the Councilís fibre network. Bill Parslow, Head of ICT & E-Government, Brighton & Hove City Council, says "Metranet Communications presented us with a real opportunity to solve key issues of internet connectivity to schools in areas difficult to reach with conventional broadband technologies through the use of WiMAX technology. This has saved the people of Brighton & Hove a considerable amount of money whilst offering the potential for the strategic ability to connect mobile workers to the Council's infrastructure in the future".
21 : 3 : 05
The Saqqara Bar adds a touch of class to free Wi-Fi
Creating a hotspot in Saqqara Bar on the corner of Bond St and North St means that you can have free Wi-Fi with your cocktails. Surf like an Egyptian...
2 : 12 : 04
The Freemasons join the party as Loose Connection moves into Hove
The Freemasons Tavern on Western Road, recently renovated and under new management, was keen to offer free Wi-Fi to residents of Hove and has become the latest pub to get the benefits of a fully technically supported hotspot.
18 : 11 : 04
Free voice calls from Loose Connection hotspots
Loose Connection is very interested to notice the increase of Skype usage from our hotspots. In that we are the only truly free Wi-Fi service provider in Europe, you can now walk into any of our hotspots and make free international voice calls by downloading the P2P application from Plug a headset into your laptop and get chatting. You can even download a version for your PDA turning it into a Wi-Fi mobile, how cool is that! No catch, itís totally free and it actually works especially as Loose Connection hotspots have the bandwidth to handle this kind of application and do not block P2P activity. Ideal if you want to talk to that auntie in Australia!
4 : 11 : 04
The Hanbury Arms and The Open House go Wi-Fi
The Hanbury Arms hotspot (St. Georges Road in Kemp Town) also covers the Ballroom and can be used for wireless webcasting from the occasional laptop jam and the other diverse live music events it holds. The Open House on Springfield Road, has also found that students and business people alike truly appreciate free Wi-Fi.
10 : 10 : 04
The Hare & Hounds brings free Wi-Fi to Preston Circus
The Hare & Hounds pub on Preston Circus has decided that free Wi-Fi is the way forward. Well-placed at the foot of a residential area, the new manager is keen to encourage use of his pub at different times of the day. The students living in the area have been flocking to the high bandwidth hotspot ever since!
7 : 7 : 04

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